Text Box: Gregory Pole began his professional career in 1972.   He has illustrated 29 books, numerous magazine covers and articles.  His paintings and sculptures have sold throughout the United States and in several countries around the world.  His works are displayed in many museums and private collections.  He has been commissioned for a number of unique projects involving several different disciplines.  

Greg paints what he lives thus his work is constantly evolving.  He has documented the lives of the working Cowboy in the west since the early 70ís.   His travels have taken him to different parts of the world where he has found inspiration for his works portraying people and nature.   He is very passionate about the American West culture, horses and nature.  He surrounds himself on a daily basis with the subject matter he loves to paint.   This is why Greg resides as Equine Manager on a large ranch in Southwest Montana, training and taking care of 50 horses.  

Greg believes in order for one to portray a subject, one must be intimately involved with it.  He believes that you have to be close enough to see the expression in the eye and smell the sweetness of the breath.  You have to connect with your subject to truly capture the feeling.  

Collectors can look forward to a variety of new art as Greg continues to paint the world as he sees it.